Elegant restaurant and cafe bar offer beautiful and delicious dishes of different kitchens of the world all inclusive.



Ceaser with chicken or salmon 8,50€

Salad with prawns, rucula and cherry tomatoes   9,00€

Nizarda salad with tuna   9,00€

Caprese with mango     8,50€

Salad with goat cheese, apples, walnut, berry sauce      10,00€


Salmon with prawns   7,50€

Juliana with prawns     7,00€

Juliana with chicken and mushrooms      6,00€

Ratatouille           6,00€


Mashed soup with pumpkin and chicken         6,00€

Chicken soup with egg           5,50€

Gazpacho                4,50€

Main dish:

Meat griddle          39,00€

Fish griddle     39,00€

Grilled lamb              9,50€

Chicken with side dish         8,50€

Grilled picanton                 11,00€

Pork in honey sauce      9,50€

Steak with side dish       12,50€


French fries       3,00€

Rice with vegetables     4,00€

Potatoes croquets       4,50€


Napoleon         3,00€

Honey cake         3,00€

Brownie with nuts and ice cream   4,50€

Cheesecake    4,00€

Red velvet    4,50€

Sweet cheese roll     3,50€